Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tow Company


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tow Company
Air Conditioning: Yearly Maintenance


Air Conditioning: Yearly Maintenance
Roof Installation and Maintenance: Hiring a Reputable Roofing Company


Roof Installation and Maintenance: Hiring a Reputable Roofing Company
Tree Service 101: What to Consider


Tree Service 101: What to Consider
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Month: July 2020

Air Conditioning: Yearly Maintenance

Summer afternoons are brutal. 


A trail of sweat lines your clothes just by doing the bare minimum. You don’t know how many glasses of water you drank just to cool you down but your mortal enemy, the heat, looks like it won’t be backing down anytime soon. 


Then you suddenly have this awesome idea that you should have done hours ago. A click!


You went to find your new best friend, your air conditioner remote and pressed on. A chilling breeze blasts from your AC which envelopes your scorching skin making summer a little bit bearable. 


A lot of people probably thought the same idea as you, but they weren’t as satisfied. They keep pressing on, but no cool air comes out of their AC. You see, most owners take their HVAC system for granted. Many issues start off small which progresses into something more catastrophic in the future. 


This is why it is so important that you stay on top of your yearly maintenance tasks. 


There are several reasons to put a yearly air conditioning maintenance appointment as your main priority and you should continue reading to know why.  



  • Improves Efficiency



An HVAC system that is repaired constantly will stay running longer than you can say heatstroke. Without regular maintenance and timely repairs, they will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Breakdowns beget breakdowns, a malfunctioning part causing a domino effect which will break the system apart in the future. Regular maintenance avoids this from happening which will surely prevent you from a major headache. 



  • Reduction in electricity consumption



If the system is not running at its peak efficiency, you’ll be facing dirty cooling coils, low refrigerant levels, clogged air filters, low furnace gas pressure, poor combustion efficiency and those are just some of the avoidable horrors. But if you address these issues during your yearly inspection from your trusted HVAC technician, you will be ensured that your system is working at its top notch quality. This means that your system uses less energy and fuel and more savings for you! 



  • Better air quality



Making your home warm or cool is not the only function of your HVAC system. It also includes improving the quality of air in your home by filtering indoor air pollutants at a minimum. The EPA reports that indoor pollutant levels are 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels which can have a direct effect on your health and your loved ones. If you have dirty blower parts and coils in your AC unit, the indoor air quality degrades easily. Fungi, pollen, and bacteria can build up in the vents and spread through the ventilation system throughout your home or company. It causes poor air quality, which can cause asthma attacks, inflammation of the eyes, eye, and mouth, and diseases similar to flu. 



  • Safety of your family and home 



A malfunctioning HVAC system not only burns a hole in your pocket but also endangers your family. A routine checkup can prevent these issues such as checking if there is a crack in a furnace’s heat exchanger which could put you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Your HVAC technician can also spot short circuits that could potentially cause fires.

Roof Installation and Maintenance: Hiring a Reputable Roofing Company

It is a well-known fact that one of our most basic needs is a shelter—a home. One where we can reside and thrive comfortably. Having a roof above our heads is a luxury that not everyone can afford. A roof to keep us safe from the hottest summer and the chillest winter is something that is usually taken for granted. Since it’s something that’s a constant in our home, it’s easy to overlook it until it gets damaged.

Whether that’s a minimal dent caused by a debris or a full-blown leak due to faulty installation, simply ignoring it will be like sentencing the roof that had been looking over you for years to a very gruesome fate. And you yourself would be subjected to a nightmarish ordeal of spending way too much than you should just to salvage your roof.

So as they say, prevention is way better than cure. You’ll want to make sure that your roof is installed and maintained by a professional to ensure that the roof above your head will be in the best shape. This is not something you’d want to rely on tutorials or DIYs.

Whether you’re looking to install a formidable roof for your new house or decided to have some repairs done to your current roof, here are some benefits on hiring a professional to do that work for you:

  1. Ensured Safety – As with everything else, this should be at the front of your mind when discussing your home. Hiring someone adept in installation and repairing roofs would ensure that you can rest peacefully any time of the day knowing that there is significantly less risk of your roof being damaged.
  2. Quality Materials – A professional would know which is the best material for your roof. They would provide you with the essentials and make sure that it would last for much, much longer. Not only that, they would have better access to inexpensive but quality materials.
  3. Expert Knows Best – You would no longer have to stress yourself over thinking whether you’re doing things right or you’re setting up your roof to collapse any time soon. With their years of experience dealing with it, roofing companies will provide you with results that you will be hard pressed to find any holes and mistakes on. Not only that, they will surely use the appropriate products and techniques to ensure that the project will be anything but subpar.
  4. Cost Effective and Warranty – Especially with the situation of our world today, you don’t want to end up spending a fortune only to be disappointed when you spend twice as much by redoing everything. Hiring a roofing company to install or repair your roof for you will ensure that they have the right knowledge and tools for the job. Thus, making it less expensive if you have to do it all by yourself. Additionally, you will be given the warranty for the materials and service. Within that time, you won’t have to worry about inspecting and repairing the damage on your roof on your own because the roofing company for you.

Edmond Roofing Company

These are just some of the benefits and what you should look for in a good and trustworthy roofing company. If you have any other inquiries, kindly message us so that we can discuss how we’ll be able to help you install or repair your roof. We’ll try our best to answer all your questions because we believe that everyone should be able to feel safe with the roof above their heads.

Tree Service 101: What to Consider

If there are some that are witnesses to history and the passing of time, and will probably still be here once we’ve passed away. . .that would be our resident shade givers. History that is quite literally embedded and can be seen in their trunks. They’re usually the ones standing in the background, either a natural aesthetic or just providing us with air to breathe. But what if the time has come for you to give that piece of history sitting in your yard its rightful due? Whether that’s giving it a makeover or completely letting it go, you wouldn’t want to do it half-heartedly.


While tree trimming or removal may not be at the top of your Priority List due to the current situation of our world, it will not completely abandon the trees that have kept us company through the years.


Whether you’re planning on treating the trees in your yard or you are simply canvassing for the future, we’re here to provide you with the MUST knows about tree removal and trimming.

Trimming and Removal: Difference and Which Should I Choose?

In layman’s terms, tree removal simply means cutting down the whole tree, removing it from the property, and getting rid of the stump. This is usually the best choice if you have some plan to renovate or put something up in your yard—like a small playground and the likes. Sometimes it is also essential for safety purposes and should be done by trained professionals. 

Tree trimming, on the other hand, only requires removing several or specific branches of a certain tree. Usually, but not limited to, it involves getting rid of decaying or infected branches which is not only beneficial for the tree’s aesthetic but to its growth as well.


These are just some of the reason why you should consider having that tree trimmed or removed:


  1. Safety

Of course this comes first and foremost. Whether it’s on your own house or your business property, having someone get injured due to a falling branch is not a possibility you should take lightly. Whilst prevalent during the winter season, this hazard could occur at almost any time of the year. So for the benefit of your children or customers, it’s better to start considering having the trees in your property trimmed once they start looking worse for wear.


  1. Aesthetic

No one wants to look at a tree that looks like it’s about to collapse any time soon, right? It’s better to just remove it altogether than have it looking out of place in your considerably high class looking yard. However, it would still be better to start early by trimming it before it’s too late.


  1. Tree Growth

If you’ve grown attached to the tree in your property, then it’s best to start taking care of it for the long-term. Ironically, you can actually gain a lot by trimming a tree’s branch. It would ensure that every part of the tree would get enough resources and nutrients and therefore increase it’s growth.

And to ensure that your tree  is in good hands, we highly recommend that you consider getting professional help when handling tree removal and trimming. Contact us for more information on hiring tree service and we’ll be sure to help you all the way!